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Welcome to Pilates by Michele

My studio is located in Sainte-Marthe in a truly beautiful area just west of Montreal.  It's an ideal location to practice the "Art of control" asinvented by Joseph H. Pilates.  I have the priviledge of being one of the few people in Quebec with an extensive Classical Pilates training and I have continued to deepen my knowledge since my certification.  My studio is equipped with the best in the industry to help you meet your goals!  You will find:

- A Reformer, A cadillac, 3 Mat & Tower combo, a Wundo & Electric chair combo, a Ladder Baril, smaller Barrils, all manufactured by Gratz.  I also have a Pedi-Pull, a spine-corrector and a panoply of accessories.

Come and develop your streght and flexibility to your full potential.  Give yourself the gift of a strong, agile body.  See the difference a well tought out personnalized workout can do!

Is it for me?

Regardless of your current activity level, Pilates can help you.  Whether you are new to training, an athlete or professionnal dancer or somewhere in beween, Pilates can be adapted to you as a training and injury prevention method.  If you are looking into Pilates following the advice of your health care practitionner (doctor, chiroprator, osteopathe or others), I can gladly communicate with them to team up for your wellbeing.  

People of all ages and physical condition have been impressed with the rapid results obtained by Classical Pilates.  Not quite convinced?  Feel free to come and have a trial session without any type of pressure.


Some benefits


Pilates is a mind-body training system. It works on improving your agility, coordination and balance.


Get strong and flexible muscles. Few repetitions but we keep the body moving and engaged the whole class.


Pilates can be part of your wellness routine. It helps you focus, relax and connect to your body.

Better Posture

A better posture looks good. More importantly, it releases unnecessary pressure on your joints.

Strong abdominals

They give you a slimmer waist and a back that can relax. That means less back pain.


The importance of breathing is extremely understated. It releases stress and allows you to perform better.

Sport performance

Pilates aims to equalize your musculature. We look at movement patterns. Better running, golf, tennis, riding, etc.!


Flexible muscles keep you mobile and your body is meant to move! A reasonable flexibility is comfortable.


Fully trained Pilates instructor speak the same language as your health professional. We are a team for your wellbeing.

Private introduction lesson at 50$

Moreover, this class will be credited to you at the purchase of a 10 private lesson package.


Private lesson

Single lesson: 60$

Package of 10 lessons: 520$

A.N.Q. Receipts available

Duet classes

Single class: 30$ (per person)

Package of 10 classes: 265$ (per person)

A.N.Q. receipts available

Group of 3 or 4

Single class: 20$ (per person)

Packages of 10 classes: 180$ (per person)

A.N.Q. receipts available

Pilates Avatar studio!

For those who have a good Classical Pilates experience.  Do more Pilates!

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Joseph H.Pilates

The method is called after the name of Joseph H. Pilates (1880-1967).  He studied Greek and Romans method of training along with some martial arts in order to boxe.

During his careeer he trained:

  • - Professional boxers, athletes and circus performers, etc.;
  • - Classical ballet dancers like those performing under George Balanchine;
  • - Wallstreet workers (ask about the Business man special!);
  • - People like you and me.

A true genious of the body, he invented the apparatus you see in my studio.  The goal was to return to your activities (life or sports) with zest.  You may read more about his method in his book "Return to life through Contrology".  Photo credit:  Joe Rapoport.

My qualifications

I did an apprenticeship including well over 800 hours with the U.S.P.A. Classical New York method with reknowned teacher of teachers (Brett Howard - Pilates Haus; Thérèse Desrosiers - Pilates Guild).  I've been learning ever since!

I am certified at all levels of practice on all Pilates apparatus.  

Here are some of the people I train:

  • - New (and not so new) mothers who want their body back;
  • - People who need to move more but hate the gym;
  • - People who want less pain in their backs, neck, knees, etc.;
  • - Athletes (cyclist, runner, skier, golfer, baseball player, windsurfer, riders, etc.)
  • - Less mobile people, sometimes elderly, under the care of their health care     professional.

The Pilates method

The success and popularity of Joseph Pilates' training have grown over the years.  Many fitness professionals offer "Pilates" programs by combining different forms of exercises.  Classical Pilates is different.  This method was developped by Joseph Pilates and has proven effective as a mode of conditionning for over 80 years.  It's a deep and safe workout when done properly.

The method is effective because it works and stretches entire group muscles.  All movements are initiated in the center of your body, we call it the "powerhouse".  It's a zone that includes your abdominals, your thighs, your buttocks.  The "powerhouse" suppports the whole body in movement.  What's the result?  A well balanced body that is both strong and flexible.

With well over 500 exercises with or without apparatus invented by Joe Pilates, I'll help you to identify and use your powerhouse more fully.  The exercises have few repetition but they are precise and controled, that makes them highly efficent.  You'll learn to flow one movement into another to keep it going for an entire class.  Moreover, you will benefit by better understanding how to use your body in your everyday life or other sports.  I'll select the exercises according to your specific conditions and goals.


"I choose to teach private or very small classes to be able to adapt the lesson to your needs and meet your objectives as fast as possible.  I love to help people integrate Pilates in their every day life within their regular activities or other sports."